Side Scrolling Shooter

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Just an updated link to this to easily access the game


Update (Sort of)

Okay you may or may not have noticed I haven’t posted here in like half a year. I guess I just wasn’t as interested in drawing or flash as much anymore, but a lot of stuff has happened!

Summary of 2014 so far:

  • Accepted to the 5 programs I applied to for university
  • Going to University of Waterloo for Systems Design Engineering
  • Quit McDonald’s
  • Got senioritis (sort of)

Yep that’s basically it. Chances are I won’t create any flash blogs anymore (Also my tablet doesn’t work properly with my new laptop), but I may or may not make other stuff in the future? I start a co-op term this winter, so I need to start working on personal projects and stuff like that. I’ll probably make another website with a more professional domain in the future, but in the mean time I may update this with progress on stuff. Thanks to all of those who read my flash blogs in the last 2-3 years, I appreciate it and it was really fun for me to do back then!


Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays!!!

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you enjoy a fantastic Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc!!!

ETC Site Stuff

Okay I Barely Update This Anymore

Blog post! I got my PIN to apply for university applications, so I’ve been a little stressed and busy recently. I got all my university application things so I need to work on those, and I have to do well in school to you know, get in. So what does that mean for Kiwi Toast?! I probably won’t update for a whiiiile. I might not even make a Christmas thing (although to be honest, I would LOVE to make a new game because I learned Java so I can try to put that into actionscript and make flash things). I might make an android app though! Maybe. Bottom line, I’m still alive, but I’m really too busy to keep this up (in case you couldn’t tell by all my absence and domain name going down etc.).

Next semester I have 3 courses, so there is a possibility I will come back strong!!! But right now I’m just too worried about everything to draw flash blogs, sorry ): .


I’ll be back!

Flash Blog

Long Breaks

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So…I’ve been busy. While I’d like to say with schoolwork, I had enough free time at my disposal to at least upload one of these a week, so i’ll give you guys a quick summary of what my month looked like and my reasoning for not doing these!.

October 11th- Long weekend begins

October 12th- Pokemon comes out.

October 15th or 16th РFinish main story of Pokemon (at least I feel like it was one of these days, maybe it was later).  Immediately ensue competitive breeding and training of pokemon.

Somewhere between October 12th and 31st – Tests, schoolwork, work on the weekends, debate club, computer science club, another club I’m a part of, more productive things at night, leaving me with maybe 2 hours a day of free time(well, sometimes,).

(also I spend almost all my time on the weekends being unproductive. woops)

What better to spend 2 hours a day of than on Pokemon (I’m only watching like 4 shows this season too).